Get To The Point

Get To The Point

Get To The Point

“Get to the Point: Use Clear and Concise Business Writing.”
How do you get to the point without seeming rude?

Would it be helpful to know how to make your point quickly, request an action, push for a result – and not get people off side?

Would it be helpful to understand why someone else thinks your writing style is too abrupt or too fluffy?

Would you like to know how to adapt your writing style for different readers, or purposes, and maintain a professional tone?



This half-day course focuses on writing in Plain English. In other words, it shows you how to get the rubbish and waffle out of your business writing.

  • You will gain a better understanding of your writing style and how it impacts your reader.
  • You will learn tips and techniques to achieve clarity and conciseness.
  • You will leave with a few new tools to help implement your learning back at work.

The workshop is suitable for professional, administrative and technical staff at all levels.


Duration: ½ day
Venue: In-house